Just here making promises again.. lol

It has been a little while :( I know I keep promising to post more and post some poetry, but with settling in to our new house and me receiving so many orders and a lot of work behind the scenes, creating my secret project, I have not had any time at all..

Those who know me and have ordered from me already will know that I love to post poems with my paintings and paintings with my poems but with me having so little time I have been unable to paint as fast as I write, so I have decided....

I have a few poems that I am going to post back to back over the weekend and I just might create some graphic art to go with them.... be patient when I have more time (which will be in the not so distant future) I will be blogging and posting a lot more until you guys get bored of me lol. As if that could happen .. Anyway... Im Sowwy lol..

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