Resin pyramids are infused with healing crystals that attract the energies and effects you desire, be it love, clarity, wealth, fertility, protection, health, abundance, spiritual enlightenment, confidence and many other beautiful things. All crystals are cleansed  with sage, but salt water, earth and visualisation are also methods that can be used. They then can be charged by moonlight, earth, sunlight or meditation at your request.

The pyramid shape (strong and structural) is powerful when manifesting desires - it intensifies the power and effects of the crystal to be much more than just a pretty object.

All my pyramids are bespoke with unique characteristics. You can choose your colours and design or request a bespoke piece that I will develop for you personally. Lights, star sign symbols, initials and many other things can be added for decoration and personalisation.

A free consultation is provided to discuss your expectations and preferences, and I will provide input so together we can create a gift that will offer you both spiritual and sentimental value for a long time to come. 

Made to Order

I create a variety of bespoke resin pieces including crowns, words plaques, combs, pens, coasters, crystal and sage holders, mirrors, trays, clocks and a variety of other small trinkets.


All pieces can be infused with crystals at your request, but pyramids are most effective at manifesting your desires as are pens for written manifestations.


Below are a few of my pieces - please bear with me as more images and videos will be uploaded shortly. We are a small business and I am very busy creating as many pieces as possible which leaves me with little time to upload new pieces, but you can visit my Instagram and TikTok

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Afro Combs

Resin Crown